Head Office


  • Krakowska 11A
  • 33-100 Tarnow
  • Poland
  • +48 602 635 351

The Company

The company was established in 1990 as small production unit located in Tarnow, Poland. High quality standard, quick and efficient production played major role in huge growth of the business. In 1995 after exhibition on international fairs in Germany, company started to receive production orders from France, Germany and Netherlands. In 2000 new investment in more efficient and eco-friendly machinery was proceed. In 2008 big economic down-turn limited profit margins of production business. Starting from 2009 company has got to revise and update production path. Methods of manufacturing are optimized to conform the Europe Union standards.

Production management group is owner and co-owner of 10 factories in Poland. Main goal is to put 100% of resources to creating smooth production process and making this operation as easy available as possible for our customers. Clients can (without much effort and big costs) sub-contract work which is not profitable or difficult to arrange in their region . This way of production can make up to 65% savings on cost of manufactured goods.